5 Rainy Day Activities To Do With Your Kids
1. Brave the rain!
Who says a rainy day has to keep you from enjoying the outdoors? Bundle up and head to the library or covered playground, and splash in a few puddles along the way!
2. Read a book together
Reading a story as a family can be a great way to engage even the littlest kids without the use of screens. Reading together is a perfect reason to slow down and cuddle up, plus it improves communication skills and can help children relate to the world around them in a healthy way.
3. Build a fort
Using household items like sheets, blankets and soft furniture to make an indoor fort creates a warm and inviting space to play. Encourage kids to use their imaginations and immerse themselves in an imaginary “new” place within their fort’s walls.
4. Write or draw in your journals
Even the youngest members of the family can learn to journal through words or pictures as soon as they can hold a pencil or crayon. Choose a simple prompt the whole family can try, and encourage each family member to share their thoughts and ideas after they’ve completed their journal entry. 
5. Write your story
Need some help thinking of journal topics for children? Start with this simple journal we designed to inspire kids to tell their story and express their emotions. 
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